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A Lazy List of Things I Learned Because I Attended Lollapalooza in 2010

19 Aug

  1. What the Church of the SubGenius is, thanks to resurgent sci-fi nerd rockers Devo.
  2. That I still like The Strokes’ third album First Impressions of Earth. And that they are immaculate live musicians.
  3. That Mavis Staples is from Chicago.
  4. That Jeff Tweedy‘s son has his own band.
  5. That Jamie Lidell is as captivating a performer as anyone (without even considering that he’s a gangly white soul singer from across the pond).
  6. That concert-goers are willing to dress up like Green Man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in 90-degree heat.
  7. That Wavves drummer Billy Hayes didn’t really enjoy playing in Jay Reatard‘s band. And that he smokes weed out of Bud Light cans.
  8. That I should have seen Balkan Beat Box because they are awesome.
  9. That Raphael Saadiq produced D’Angelo‘s “Untitled (How Does It Feel?).”
  10. That if you lend an Australian lass your lighter, she will fill you with vodka-soaked kiwi (this may not be consistent throughout the land).
  11. That the Ike Reilly Assassination is as beloved a Chicago band as…well they are beloved.
  12. That reading people’s band and gimmick t-shirts makes you dizzy until you get to this one…
  13. That the Tribune Tower, the host building of the Chicago Tribune newspaper, includes actual stones from the Taj Majal, The Alamo, Abe Lincoln‘s tomb and Jim Belushi‘s house.
  14. That paying $5 for 12 oz. of beer feels awful. Paying $9 for a lobster corndog feels goofy. Finding Australian girls with vodka-soaked kiwis feels just right.
  15. Between Spoon, The Strokes and Arcade Fire, the state of music is in pretty good hands.
  16. MGMT has in fact become a good live band.
  17. Music festivals are as frustrating for what you miss as they are amazing for what you see.