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Scrabble-Rousers #2: Relations

14 May

The word “relations” takes on a different life when used in different contexts. The most ubiquitous (and fun) form of the word is sexual relations (mainly between living things). Even more filthy is the act of public relations, utilized best by governments, politicians and money. Another less used form, unless you’re Forrest Gump, is the familial noun. Today’s word comes from The Communist Manifest by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, who used the word to declare the communists’ problem with existing “property relations.” Today’s song choice has almost as much to do with its hateful sarcasm as it does to the band’s origin. “Neighborhood Relations” by The Spermbirds, a still-touring German hardcore punk band formed in 1982, is a venomous shot at suburban living. The Spermbirds, like a lot of other German youth in the late 70s, were heavily influenced by the American hardcore scene (Black Flag and Minor Threat in particular). Interesting, commie fact of the day: Lead singer, Lee Hobson-Hollis, was an American G.I. stationed in Germany when members of Die Walterelf discovered him.

The Spermbirds (1982-present)

I’m tired of doing mostly what I want to do/

Freedom is boring me, I’d rather live like you/

Like a job I work at everyday to feed a family I hate anyway/

Well, I don’t hate them, but I suspect that they hate me

Neighborhood Relations by The Spermbirds