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Cheap Time, Bad Sports: Required Listening for Powerpop Preservationists

9 Oct

Cheap Time

The split 7″ between Bad Sports and Cheap Time released in August is proof that lo-fi and garage rock aren’t the only retro-favorite genres being resurrected underground. Both bands could be mistaken for the late-70s, early-80s under appreciated powerpop acts like The Nerves, The Mutants, Fastbacks, etc., producing tight, melodic, addictive arrangements with mighty guitar riffs.

Last week, Cheap Time (In the Red Records) released their second full length, Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations), an album with curt, power-pop filled tracks and a curmudgeon spirit. The story behind the recording sessions is just as exciting as the music. This from Cheap Time’s PR folks:

The sessions for this album have also become something of legend, when tracking for the album ended abruptly after engineer Mike McHugh suffered a breakdown and kicked the band out of the studio by gun point before they were able to mix anything. Once the tapes were retrieved over a month later, Earle Mankey (Producer of the Quick‘s Mondo Deco, and The Runaways’ Queens of Noise ex-Sparks member) was brought in to mix the final album, which turned out to be a perfect match!

Bad Sports

Bad Sports (Douchemaster Records) craft their songs similarly, but bury it slightly with a dirty sheen, invoking their garage ethos. Listen to “Days of Denton” and try not to think of Big Star.