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New Releases from Dominant Legs, How to Dress Well via Lefse

9 Jul

The folks at Lefse Records have flawless ears. If you push aside their biggest artist, Neon Indian, for just a moment and take a closer look, Lefse (“P.S. It’s pronounced LEFF-suh.”) has gathered a diverse musical family of promise that should be on everyone’s radar.

Dominant Legs, the side project of Girls‘ guitarist Ryan Lynch and Hannah Hunt. Their debut four-track EP Young at Love and Life will be released Aug. 17 and will leave you wanting more.

Lynch + Hunt

The music is simple in its makeup, but summons a whole lot of feeling. Dominant Legs carries a similar nostalgic expressionism to Girls, only with less density and darkness in their review mirror. This is definitely one of the cooler side-projects to come along in a bit. Three of the four songs are streaming on their myspace.

Another EP by way of Lefse is Ready for the World, the two-track 7″  from How to Dress Well, featuring a re-mix by Twin Sister. The atmospheric, undefined sounds of HTDW are unique to an R&B genre cluttered in reproduced beats and samples. The droned vocals are landscaped and used instrumentally rather than as lyrical transmission, creating devastatingly erotic tracks. Grade-A baby-making music. The EP is to be released July 20th.