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“Wild” Video from Screaming Females

13 Jan

Drawn by the actual screaming female.

Ever the foot soldiers, Screaming Females (Don Giovanni) are still hard at work promoting Castle Talk, the band’s fourth full-length. With the aggressive-passive-aggressive nature of leading lady Marisa Paternoster, it’s a relief to see the actual members featured in their new video. “Wild” was directed by Biz R. Lynch and Trip McCool (a no-wave penname and one destined to be a Simpsons character) and features large cardboard instruments and a fuzzy lens filter.

“Walking indoors for Diplo’s set was like entering a dog’s mouth.” –

9 Oct

Miami natives and cultural spies, Jordan Melnick and Robby Campbell of, dissect a Diplo show and his audience, proving Miami craves community.

Diplo rocks BAR In Front of his 500 Closest Friends.

Decent Exposure: 40 Years Since Jim Morrison Exposed Miami as a Bunch of Conservative Wannabes

20 Sep

“If the results of the trial made Miami look good in the eyes of Nixonites, it drew scathing criticism of the city from the counter culture. In a September 27, 1970, Rock magazine article called “Apathy for the Devil,” the writer rips into Miami’s fickle youth for losing interest once they realized the trial was not just a spectacle but an actual legal proceeding.” – from Jordan Melnick and Robby Campbell’s Beached Miami (click photo or link to be directed to the full story) retrospective on Jim Morrison’s Miami arrest 40 years ago.