Scrabble-Rousers #5: Oxygen

21 May

Oxygen: Atomic number 8, symbolized by O, provides fine programming like Talk Sex with Sue Johanson and Jersey Couture.

Atom & the Ants

Today’s edition of Scrabble-Rousers is brought to you by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, of which the television series brought us the synthesized companion compositions of Vangelis:

But has there been a true ode to O? Can survival gases truly be a muse? No, not literally at least. Singers sing about survival in general, primitive/biological needs and the destruction of us. In song, writers utilize the symbolism of oxygen to depict survival, last breaths, referring to lovers as oxygen, coming up for air from heartbreak suffocation, etc.

The Donkeys (not the modrocking Donkeys from the 70s, but the San Diego Donkeys from today) sing about escaping a violent reality and retreating to the ocean where, “Dolphins make good friends/but sharks give you the truth in the end/We are all fish/No need for oxygen.” The escapism is poignant, but fish do need oxygen. Listen here: “No Need for Oxygen” by The Donkeys.

RAWWAR by Gang Gang Dance

“Oxygen Demo Riddim” was one of three songs from the 2007 RAWWAR EP from Gang Gang Dance. It’s impossible to guess how a band names an instrumental track without actually asking them, but GGD manages to insert an organic sound despite all the flying electrons: “Oxygen Demo Riddim” by Gang Gang Dance.

Most songs that reference oxygen are lame. One very famous song, however, mentions oxygen in its purest form amongst its cohorts and champions the element-lyric universe.


One Response to “Scrabble-Rousers #5: Oxygen”

  1. Adam the Tool AKA Captain Mask D. Smith May 22, 2010 at 12:38 am #

    Interesting. Being serious too. Really do like these scrabble rousers stuff.

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