Scrabble-Rousers: Umbrella

11 May

Heaven Is Loud will randomly select one word from a randomly selected book and choose a song that best fits according to a vague set of subjective rules. Today’s word – umbrella – comes from Amy Levy’s The Romance of a Shop, a novel included in The Complete Novels and Selected Writings of Amy Levy. Given Levy’s propensity for, and eventual demise from, overwhelming sadness, John Prine’s “Blue Umbrella” (from his Sweet Revenge album of ’73) comes to mind. Prine’s economical lyricism is working on heartbreak in this case:

Sweet Revenge by John Prine

Day time
makes me wonder why you left me
night time
makes me wonder what I said
next time
are the words I’d like to plan on
but, last time
was the only thing you said

Blue Umbrella by John Prine

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