Veronica Falls Release “Bad Feeling” Video, Announce Tour Dates

1 Sep

Veronica Falls, set to release their self-titled debut album Sept. 21 on Slumberland Records, released the Philippa Bloomfield-directed video for “Bad Feeling.” The UK quartet earned widespread and well-deserved media attention this year with “Love in a Graveyard” and “Beachy Head,” which reflect their twee pop sweetness and post-punk (sometimes gothic) edge. Bloomfield also directed the video for “Beachy Head,” as well as videos for Girls Names, Dignan Porch and Birdeatsbaby.



09/21 San Francisco, CA Brick and Mortar Music Hall #!

09/23 San Diego, CA Til Two Club

09/25 Los Angeles, CA The Echo / Part Time Punks %&

09/27 Brooklyn, NY Glasslands $

09/28 New York, NY Pianos +

09/29 Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall *

09/30 Montreal, QC Il Motore *

10/01 Toronto, ON The Mod Club *

10/03 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop *

10/04 Chicago, IL Subterranean *

10/05 Minneapolis, MN 7th St. Entry *

10/06 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews *

10/10 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge *

10/11 Vancouver, BC Venue *

10/12 Seattle, WA The Crocodile *

* = w/ The Drums

# = w/ Brilliant Colors

! = w/ The Mantles

% = w/ Sea Lions

& = w/ Neverever

$ = w/ German Measles, Darlings, Tanks Amigo

+ = w/ McDonalds, The Hairs

Taco Tuesday (8/30): Male Bonding, Jacuzzi Boys, Tinariwen, Juliana Hatfield, Beirut to release albums

28 Aug

Aug. 30 will be a particularly fruitful album-release Tuesday, bearing several noteworthy releases that should eek their way onto 2011 Best of lists.

Male Bonding’s sophomore album Endless Now should find its way into your hands, as the Sub Pop trio have left nude (though not completely) the jaunty melodies that were buried in fuzz on their first album.


Miami’s Jacuzzi Boys will be releasing its sophomore full-length Glazin’ via Seattle’s Sub Pop subsid Hardly Art. The free spirited rock trio released its debut through Orlando’s Florida’s Dying Records before releasing several 7″ (with Woven Bones, King Khan and nobunny) and a 12″ live vinyl through Jack White’s Third Man label. Check out Jordan’s interview with bassist Danny Gonzalez here.


Hailing faaaaar from Miami, Tinariwen will release Tassili, its fifth album since being discovered in the Sahara Desert by French musicians in 2001. The group of nomadic Tuareg rebel fighters, native to Mali, had been roaming in exile throughout Libya and Algeria since the 60s, forming a collective of musicians to pass the time between rebel uprisings. They’ll be back on the road soon with a major U.S. tour including Miami.


Juliana Hatfield is an indie rock. Like Jason Schwartzman said to the giant rock in I Heart Huckabees, “Nothing sits like this rock sits. You rock, rock.” Despite an insanely productive career, it’s hard to believe the iconic singer with the girlish voice is 44 years old. Juliana, who injected an edge into 90s female-led indie rock, is set to release There’s Always Another Girl, her 11th solo LP. That obviously excludes four LPs as lead singer of the Blake Babies, two LPs Some Girls and countless one-off collaborations with bands like Giant Sand, The Lemonheads, and Susanna Hoffs.


Four years removed from their last album, Beirut‘s Riptide was worth the wait. Zach Condon’s soulful boyish voice is noticeably less vulnerable, delivering commanding vocals over his most concise arrangements yet. Condon’s songwriting sits in its most mature phase yet, giving us 33 more minutes of reason not to doubt Condon’s insistence upon blending Western rock with the Balkans and Mediterranean. Guest vocals by Sharon Van Etten and Hawk and a Hacksaw’s Heather Trost.

Fergus & Geronimo: Unlearn First Album

16 Jan

Andrew put on glasses for this photo.

Leave it to a publicist to describe a band as “Black and Chicano doo-wop, the energy and atmosphere of classic soul, the precise control of Frank Zappa, psychedelia, and a thought to nearly everything in between.” Fucking pick one.

Here is the above with minor alterations: Black and Chicano doo-wop, the energy and atmosphere of classic soul, the precise control of Frank Zappa, psychedelia, and a thought to nearly everything garage in between. And that’s still really awesome.

Fergus & Geronimo combines first-generation rock ‘n’ roll with the style of its own protopunk mutation. Made up of Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage, Fergus & Geronimo (named after the button-cutter of War of the Buttons) will release Unlearn Jan. 18 on Hardly Art Recordstheir first full-length album after releasing several singles within the last two years (find “Blind Muslim Girl,”Tell It In My Ear”). Unlike Christopher Owens’ Girls, who modernized first-generation rock with sincerity, Fergus & Geronimo lean toward the tongue-in-cheek approach of protopunks like The Fugs.

Fergus & Geronimo
(Hardly Art)
Street Date: Jan. 18, 2011

1.       Girls With English Accents
2.       Wanna Know What I Would Do?
3.       Powerful Lovin’
4.       Baby Boomer/Could You Deliver
5.       Michael Kelly
6.       Baby Don’t You Cry
7.       Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass
8.       The World Never Stops
9.       Forced Aloha
10.     Could You Deliver
11.     Unlearn

“Wild” Video from Screaming Females

13 Jan

Drawn by the actual screaming female.

Ever the foot soldiers, Screaming Females (Don Giovanni) are still hard at work promoting Castle Talk, the band’s fourth full-length. With the aggressive-passive-aggressive nature of leading lady Marisa Paternoster, it’s a relief to see the actual members featured in their new video. “Wild” was directed by Biz R. Lynch and Trip McCool (a no-wave penname and one destined to be a Simpsons character) and features large cardboard instruments and a fuzzy lens filter.

Cloud Nothings Share Song from Carpark Debut

8 Nov

Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings, the solo work of teenage lo-fi wunderkind Dylan Baldi, will release Cloud Nothings through Dan Deacon‘s Carpark Records on Jan. 25, 2011. The self-titled debut LP promises a polished sound under the direction of Chester Gwazda, known for his work with Deacon. Currently touring Europe with Veronica Falls and then Les Savy Fav, Carpark released “Understand It All,” the first track from the album. With the added gloss, it sounds like a marriage between R.E.M. and Plastic Bertrand. Check it out.

And just for fun…

Ducktails is Real Estate’s Matthew Mondanile

5 Nov

The sweet sounds of mellow countryside rock you are about to hear is the “bedroom” work of Real Estate’s Matthew Mondanile. Surrounded by like-minded Jersey psych-rockers, Mondanile’s Ducktails cruises along the same chilled-out naked melodic highway. Ducktails’ newest work, Ducktails III, will be released by Woodsit Records, the holy-shit-prolific home of Woods, Real Estate, the Fresh & Onlys, Kurt Vile, Ganglians, and more fuzzy obscure awesomeness.

Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics
Formats: CD/LP/Vinyl
Street Date: Jan. 10, 2011



Cheap Time, Bad Sports: Required Listening for Powerpop Preservationists

9 Oct

Cheap Time

The split 7″ between Bad Sports and Cheap Time released in August is proof that lo-fi and garage rock aren’t the only retro-favorite genres being resurrected underground. Both bands could be mistaken for the late-70s, early-80s under appreciated powerpop acts like The Nerves, The Mutants, Fastbacks, etc., producing tight, melodic, addictive arrangements with mighty guitar riffs.

Last week, Cheap Time (In the Red Records) released their second full length, Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations), an album with curt, power-pop filled tracks and a curmudgeon spirit. The story behind the recording sessions is just as exciting as the music. This from Cheap Time’s PR folks:

The sessions for this album have also become something of legend, when tracking for the album ended abruptly after engineer Mike McHugh suffered a breakdown and kicked the band out of the studio by gun point before they were able to mix anything. Once the tapes were retrieved over a month later, Earle Mankey (Producer of the Quick‘s Mondo Deco, and The Runaways’ Queens of Noise ex-Sparks member) was brought in to mix the final album, which turned out to be a perfect match!

Bad Sports

Bad Sports (Douchemaster Records) craft their songs similarly, but bury it slightly with a dirty sheen, invoking their garage ethos. Listen to “Days of Denton” and try not to think of Big Star.